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A Community for our Country’s Heroes

 First Responders and Veterans

Veterans Open Sky Ranch Montana near Great Falls aims to provide more than a shelter to our heroes. We hope to build a complete ranch sanctuary for our veterans. / 1st responders, Currently, we are raising $12 million to start , in stages . With our final goal reaching $90 million . Our Veterans deserve the best.

We want to build our sanctuary on a several hundred acre property.

The Facilities

Our property will be located in Montana. Our project is to show honor and respect to our military  & 1st Responder heroes by providing a community where they can find shelter, support, services to meet their needs, and opportunities to help their fellow first responders and veterans. We also plan to have the following facilities on our property:

The Facilities

Enormous Job opportunities

  • Two Large Lodges
  • Glass Atrium (Connecting Lodges)
  • Education Center
  • Recreation and Council Center
  • Sports Gym
  • Library and Communication
  • Arts, Crafts and Paintings
  • TBI Depth Chamber (coming soon)
  • Dining Area

  • Theater
  • Church
  • Flag Pole
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Other Useful Facilities
  • Activities/Outdoor

    • Mountain Biking

    • Bi-cycling

    • Hunting

    • Fishing

    • Olympic Pool (Indoor) With Aquatic Therapy

    Winter Activities

    • Skiing

    • Sledding

    • Snowmobile

    • Toboggan 



    Our dedicated team is working hard to secure needed resources. The generosity of people willing to help with donations will make the sanctuary possible. If you want to support us in supporting our nation’s heroes who are in need, please donate through the Go Facebook donation links,  account or Wells Fargo Bank.

    Our plan of action is based on HONOR, DUTY, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, and HONESTY. If we build it, they will come. The proposed location for Veteran’s Open Sky Ranch is near Great Falls, Montana. We will also have service animals or pets in relation to our motto, “Horses and Veterans Helping Heroes.”

    Those who serve honorably will be welcomed at Veterans Open Sky Ranch. Veterans deserve better than what they’re getting. Some civilians, Volunteers work very hard helping veterans.

    We want to thank you all for your service and contribution. May the Almighty God bless every veteran and veteran aid worker as well as the law enforcement. Our boots all go in the same direction. 

    Our Mission Statement

    Veterans Open Sky Ranch Montana 

    Our mission is to provide an oasis of peace to our heroes where they can heal and move forward.

    Veterans Open Sky Ranch is a nonprofit domestic corporation near Great Falls , Montana. The aim of our project is to show honor and respect to our first responders, and military heroes by providing a community where they can find shelter, support and services to meet their needs, and also opportunities to help other veterans.

    Veterans Open Sky Ranch aims to provide more than shelter to our military heroes. We hope to build a complete ranch sanctuary for our Veterans and their families where they can heal, work, and contribute to the community while enjoying the company of peers who are facing similar challenges.

    Our Veteran's sanctuary will have a library, dining hall, theater, and church. Here, they can spend time to relax, be with their loved ones and fellow veterans, and simply enjoy the beauty of life. Our facility can also hold communication sessions, recreational activities, and counseling services to our heroes.

    The beauty of nature in this serene environment along with gardening and interacting, while helping to care for service animals and livestock, will help greatly with learning to manage stress. Additionally, having nearby hunting and fishing opportunities
    can make the environment stress-free.

    Currently, we are working on raising the down payment to purchase the ranch property in beautiful big sky country. The proposed location of our property is near Great Falls, Montana. Our goal is to secure the down payment and then financing for the purchase price and construction costs. The project will be completed in stages, with the eventual goal being , to house 2000 veterans on several hundred acres.

    For questions about our organization, get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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